Monday, April 13, 2009

Jansport J & Jay-Z "American Gospel"

Well I guess the great thing about blogs is that you can come and go as you please! I have been traversing the West a little bit as of late, but I'm starting to settle down - Portland what up? I'm staying a bit out of the city this time but I plan to be going into the town on the regular. There will be more to come once again and I haven't forgotten at all about the good old TML Radio... It'll be back!

You ain't heard the last from me, but while you are praying for it enjoy my look at the latest project from the young producer Jansport J.

I know. Jay-Z remix records are old. But I'll be damned if they still don't impress from time to time. Admittedly, I didn't make it through even half of the hundred plus American Gangster discs every bedroom producer had to try their hand at. So while I didn't take any time out during our Jay-Z period to shed some light on the phenomenon he may not have fathered, but certainly mothered along, let me introduce you to American Gospel.

Unlike his peers, Jansport J chose to lay back and hold his heat for a hot minute – and the wait is well worth it. If you remember his 2 AM Beat Tape I featured awhile ago you know that J can get down behind the boards and this remix album is like a finely cooked stew, aged to perfection.

Bringing out the gritty soul vibe that suits Mr. Carter so well, American Gospel feels fresh and alive from the opening notes of “Pray” seeing the piano notes matching the hopeful feel one would think the act of prayer would generate.

Over a combination of gospel choir harmonies and solos and some classic southern styled drum play “Hello Brooklyn” is a completely new song filled with the confidence and swagger it should have been from the jump.

J keeps the mournful but optimistic gospel theme flowing well showing great attention to detail matching beats with vocals. No sloppy mis matched timing here nor will you hear a beat that doesn't capture something reminiscent to the images Jay paints.

I never was one to complain about the beats, or much else from this album. But Jansport J has delivered an impress twist on this Jay album. Not one of his beats pales in comparison to any of the originals and not a single other remix album can take that claim. Even still, the true praise has to once again reside with Shawn Corey Carter – even after so many imitations it still doesn't sound old.

What emcee has done that?

Grab it here!
Check Jansport J out here.