Friday, May 13, 2011

TML Radio. 5.10.11

More radio goodness for y'all to rock too! This week I started out with some funk, took it back to some 90s NY hiphop, and jumped into the sounds of the future. Killer Mike, Jeeks, Stevie Wonder, Terror Danjah, Jay-Z, Charles Bradley, Rick James and of course a SOTA tune just to name a few of the voices making appearances in this week's edition of TML Radio.

Download Part 1.

Download Part 2.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TML Radio 5.3.11

Making it two weeks in a row! Wahoo. Back again, this week on the air at KSUB I kicked it off with Shigeto, Eskmo and some Butterz jamz before dropping heavy into some hiphop goodness. I rocked with one of the new SOTA jams and went back in time to Eminem, RBX & Sticky Fingaz "Remember Me." It was a fun show and I unfortunately dropped the ball a few times, with some dead air and the cutting off of the last song in the first hour. Oh well, I'm keeping at it and the music is what really matters. Download below.

The Musik Lounge On KSUB (5.3.11) Part 1

The Musik Lounge On KSUB (5.3.11) Part 2

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TML Radio 4.26.11

It's been far too long. I'm gonna try to post up my weekly radio show. It takes place every Tuesday from Noon to 2 PM. Check it at This week I was all over the place, opening with some electronically re-tweaked Eric Dolphy tunes to Austin Peralta and Teebs. Kendrick and Tech N9ne, ST and DaVinci, UGK, Shabazz, Aaliyah, Fabolous, Addison Groove, Scuba, The Dramatics and more stuff I'm not gonna bother listing. Download and rock out to some wild sounds.

Part 1

Part 2