Monday, August 31, 2009

Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa "How Fly" Review

Two of Hip Hop’s best kept secrets found each other, seemingly through a thick haze of weed smoke – stoners do tend to unite. While Curren$y did enjoy a brief moment of semi fame rolling with Lil' Wayne, he left for potentially greener pastures (addressed splendidly on “S.D.L”) and has been steadily on his grind with the Fly Society behind him. Wiz Khalifa on the other hand has been making a name for himself on both the blog scene and the tour circuit, although he hasn’t made it out to the North West yet. His hustle never did seem appreciated by Warner Brothers who saw a star years ago when they signed him, but sit on the shelf he did until finally gaining his freedom just over 2 weeks ago.

Independent is the way to roll and these two obviously share more in common than a fetish for the greenery, fresh kicks, and designer labels. The album gives you much of what you would expect and some of what you might not have. The beats are rocking almost all the way through, some however leave much to be desired as the drums just aren’t has heavy as these two need.

Wiz carries himself well. He is confident in his voice and flow and knows the lane he is aiming to fill. Riding these beats you have to ask yourself what WB was thinking with letting dude sit. Their loss as it can only mean we get to hear him more. Curren$y on the other hand has that laid back southern swagger, obviously, but don’t be quick to lump him entirely into that category as you will be at times convinced you are hearing a kid straight off a Harlem corner.

With these two together there isn’t much room for serious talk and this makes it that much better when they do take a time out to address something important. The title sums up what they are going for with this project. How fly are you? These two are flying. But unlike so many hipsters who can’t talk to you if you aren’t with what they define as “cool,” these two don’t seem cocky. They are about their own thing and aren’t interested in the trendy, twice had ideas most put on display.

Of course fly has two meanings. The other topic that commands the majority of their lyrical attention is their love for the sticky green plant. While Cypress Hill, Meth & Red and a few others had the early to mid 90s on lock with songs about getting high that sub genre of Rap has largely disappeared. You can always give shouts to Ev and Alc, of course Red & Meth are still on it, Devin too, but the new class has yet to entirely embrace the idea. Wiz & Curren$y are.

Something else these two have going for them is an energy that is invigorating. This isn’t the conscious raising rap we need more of, but it’s delivered with just as much seriousness and intensity. Through the mic they jump out at you screaming ‘LISTEN TO ME!’ Add to this beats that will certainly keep your head nodding, some clever punch lines and more depth than they are given credit for and you have this release. So roll up if that’s what you do, throw on your crispiest pair and get fly.

Download it here.

And if you missed their hilarious promotional videos check em out here!

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