Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Amp Live + Radiohead = A dope remix album

At a time when every producer is trying to make a new American Gangster, leave it to the forward thinking producer Amp Live of the duo Zion I to wreck the game with an eight track remix tribute to Radiohead’s much talked about In Rainbows.

The story goes Amp Live has always been a huge fan of Radiohead and when he heard about their internet marketing plan with In Rainbows he was blown away. When he got his copy he sat down and recreated it. After chopping, looping and inviting some friends over, Rainydayz Remixes is here for all to enjoy.

Amp Live pulled on his history with electronic music production here, something that can be seen heavily on the early Zion I releases but less on the newer albums. This style of production is dangerous, but he seems to balance it well with his Hip Hop sensibilities producing tracks such as “15 Stepz,” with it’s guitar heavy intro before flipping into a smooth acoustic guitar melody for Codany Holiday to sing over, paying perfect tribute to Thom York but still making it their own.

It is with this sort of respect to the original tunes that Amp Live tackles every song here. Constructing beats for respected emcee’s Charli2na, Del the Funky Homosapien, and Too $hort along with several instrumentals, Rainydayz Remixes is a beautiful demonstration of what an artist can do when allowed to be creative.

Upon his releasing of this album Amp Live received cease and desist orders to stop production. He was able to get a stay and get the album to the members of Radiohead who signed off on it. Amp Live wants you to hear this album and so do the ones who he made it in tribute to. It’s free so you might as well download it!

Amp Live "Weird Fishez"

Amp Live ft. Too $hort & MC Zumbi "

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