Saturday, February 2, 2008

edIT delivers "Certified Air Raid Material"

Welcome to Certified Air Raid Material, the sophomore release from edIT. He has been active in the LA underground for awhile but with this album he is aiming for the clubs worldwide.

With a style all his own edIT and his crew, the Glitch Mob, have been steady "slaying" crowds with their elaborate cutups and electronic madness. From the start of the record you are blown away by amazing synth programming mixed with bass lines and drums that will get any dance floor moving. But edIT doesn't stop there, as he adds countless vocal samples, organ and piano segments, and sometimes even lays down a guitar lick or two just for your listening pleasure

The production throughout the record is perfectly executed and edIT even shows on several tracks that he can cater his "glitch-hop" style to some of LA's best emcees. Grouch, of the Living Legends, makes two appearances first calling out those people who claim they are "artists" but all they ever do is try and "fit the part" and never actually make any art.

On "Back up Off the Floor Pt. 2" Grouch and edIT show their true chemistry with edIT adding some vocals (through a vocorder of course) to the song creating an interesting back and forth dynamic that feels like edIT is really communicating through his drum's and synth's.

Abstract Rude links up with him for one hilarious song about a guy working the nightshift, but his girl is convinced he is out cheating on her. Once again the beat has been tailored for Ab Rude to deliver his usual smooth flow on and he doesn't disappoint.

On the closing track you hear a conversation between edIT and a journalist and they are trying to describe the music contained within the album and neither of them know what to call it except "strip club music for the next century."

Whatever you want to call his music edIT has found something that is sure to blow out some speakers well into 2008 and beyond.
Originally posted here January 9th, 2008

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