Friday, February 22, 2008

Kublakai steps forward

If one song could explain how I feel about Hip Hop, I would probably have to give the award to “Love Story” from Kublakai. With a perfectly melancholy beat courtesy of Budo, he explains his infatuation with this music and why you can’t ever escape it.

It is his love for this music that proves to be both the doing and undoing of this record. Where Kublakai succeeds in writing lyrics that are at times witty, insightful, and even show some depth, he fails to discover a delivery that consistently helps convey his message.

When Kublakai steps out of the funny voiced persona he performs as on some of the record you see hints of the makings of an everlasting emcee. You can see his dedication to the art of rhyme writing and he has made sure that his flow matches the beat perfectly.

The beat selection here is top notch from the harder edged opener “All Else Fails” with some nice piano chops and brilliant cuts courtesy of DJ Nphared to Grieves dark and moody production on “Torn Down Torch” and “Talk That Talk,” Kublakai found the appropriate musical backing to deliver his definition of The Basics.

Over triumphant horns BeanOne drops a crazy beat for the title cut and Kublakai tears the track apart going hard at anyone who may challenge his seriousness about being an emcee, peep the end of his third verse:

I ain’t gon say a thing
I’m just gon let it be
I’m just gon let ya see what truth is when you set it free
And let’s see if I don’t manifest my destiny
And after y’all be in a rush to copy down the recipe
And measure me directly next to who they say the best emcee is

And it is when he spits with this intensity and passion that you feel the love that I mentioned from “Love Story.” On tracks such as “Whisper, Whisper” and “Doctor’s Prescription” you see Kublakai engage in a comedic style that while entertaining at first loses it’s novelty after the first few listens. Luckily Slouch isn’t weak behind the boards and you can’t help but want to sit and hear his beats play.

However theses songs do not make up the majority and there are more than enough examples of Kublakai demonstrating his passion. On the Sebino produced “Corruption” he addresses Kno and deads any rumors that may still be floating around:

I’d be damned if I spend a mil on a new chain
I’d probably give it to Kno
Tell him dude thanks
You’ll never know what you did for me
That’s a true statement
And please believe I’ll remember you if I do make it

The Basics shows much promise for Kublakai. He has the skill to write the lyrics and he has a passion for the art. But more than that he is trying to do something different, and even though it may need some more development he is a young artist who has many ideas and doesn’t appear to be afraid to experiment.

Kublakai "Love Story"

Originally posted here on February 20th, 2008

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