Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mike B. and some different rap tunes

I just upped these tracks in order to get them to Mike B. and figured why not toss em up here for the people to hear and talk about? Mike is the homie from school and last quarter we found ourselves in the studio at least once a week and in about 6 weeks we had thirteen finished tracks and one callabo that I haven’t finished mixing yet. The beats are all jacked for now and my only role was as “engineer” however that is hardly what I am, I just know how to work pro tools. Anyway these are the last 3 tracks that we made and possibly some of the best tracks we have done. I’m not claiming this is the hottest new shit on the net – far from it, but it is something a little different from an emcee that has no desire to actually be an emcee. Mike just likes to rhyme and doesn’t take it to seriously… & neither should you! Let me know what you think, peace.

“White Noise”

“Come With Me”

“Instrumental Narcotic”

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