Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Saigon has (finally) arrived!

Ladies and gentleman Saigon is coming to Seattle! From his reoccurring role on HBO's "Entourage" to signing with Just Blaze and dropping a lead single with the one and only Hova, Saigon has steadily built his career without dropping a proper full length.

"The Greatest Story Never Told" has been one of the most anticipated albums for several years now and no matter what happens it seems to stay heavily expected. Saigon has explained that he never had an official date and the album is just now being mastered, hopefully this proves to be true, but regardless of his album setbacks he will be at Nuemo's on Wednesday the 20th – will you?

If you're nervous about how good the show will be your fears may be justified, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a chance. You're guaranteed to see two live sets from Seattle's own Cancer Rising and Dyme Def -- both of whom have proven themselves as energetic and fun acts.

Then there is Saigon. While he may seem to be a young artist he has been on his grind back in New York since 2001, after leaving prison where he captured the attention of fellow inmates who dubbed him "The Yardfather."

From the endorsement of inmates to Mark Ronson, the producer responsible for everyone's favorite drunk Amy Winehouse, to Just Blaze, Saigon has impressed those who need not ever be impressed. If that isn't incentive enough check his track record.

Saigon has continually dropped acclaimed mixtapes, most of which have been picked up with some form of national distribution. A quick search on iTunes reveals several singles and mixtapes available as well. Even if all you have heard is the amazing "Come on Baby," how can you not be excited to see that track live? From the J. Geils guitar sample to the monstrous drums Just laid down, this track is tailor-made to tear down clubs.

And tear down the club is what Saigon should do Wednesday evening. Everything points to this fact. No one survives the New York underground without some bad shows under his belt, but no one emerges out of it without a lot more amazing shows. Saigon is coming to town and he is excited to perform in the "city with the needle." Let's give him the welcome Seattle Hip Hop can deliver and get down with some of that good ol' NY boom bap Saigon and Just Blaze have brought back.

And if you really want to see both sides of Saigon you will check out the screening of "Books Not Bars" at Seattle Central on Thursday the 21st at 1 PM. Saigon will be in attendance and a conversation will follow the film.
Orginally published here Feburary 18th, 2008.

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