Saturday, February 2, 2008

Talib & Hi-Tek runite?

So I jump out to Hip Hop DX today and what do I see? Talib Kweli saying their will be a Reflection Eternal reunion album by the end of 2008?! Check the article out here .

I remember first hearing Train of Thought. It was brilliant in its own way. No, I'm not trying to be cryptic I just think that what Tek was doing with the beats at the time was on such a different level – this was him pre Dre. Today he still cooks up hot beats but they have that perfected sound quality and sometimes it's fun to just listen to a grimey tape!

Even though I have problems with Kweli's flow, when he is combined with Hi-Tek it's smooth. I know everyone will say that it won't happen and yeah it's probably as likely to drop as Detox, but with the rumors that Def Jam will drop Nas if he doesn't change his album title I just want something to look forward to this year and a Reflection Eternal album would be the perfect summation to this new era of Hip Hop.

On that note lets take a trip back with "The Blast" – when did y'all first hear this? Doesn't it still sound just as good as it did then? Wasn't Tek so on point when he said "it's Hi-Tek on the track like flow Joe/Bet you ain't even know I had flow though"?

Originally posted here on January 30th, 2008

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