Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ann Peebles "Tellin' It"

On my other blog, I’ve made repeated comments about the fact that I enjoy soul music. This right here is the epitome of that. Ann Peebles sings, and when she wants to she can hit the notes few can, but for the most part here she is workin’ with the musicians to create the best overall track – and it works beautifully.

With a rhythm and horn section comprised of some of the best session musicians Memphis had to offer and Willie Mitchell behind the production board this album is almost guaranteed to yield something amazing, and deliver they do.

From the start of the album Peebles shows amazing chemistry working with the groove perfectly, never overpowering the music, but rather complimenting it. Her voice is often laid back and focused, but the ballads are here as well showing off her vocal range with excellent precision. She hits the high notes and it almost magically fades into the melody of the song, without ever feeling forced or for that matter even tried, smooth would be the perfect way to describe the sound.

On the Ghostface used “It Was Jealousy” (that’s right – lots of samples here for you beat fiends) and the powerful discussion about men and fidelity on “You Can’t Hold A Man” we see her backed to perfection by a string section, add to that some great organ work and you’re ready to be taken to church – “Chuurch!” © Snoop.

From that burnin’ and churnin’ funk to the gospel influenced soul Tellin’ It is an album that is filled with tough talk and truth. She sings with all her heart and soul throughout the album showing off her bad ass unfucwitable side (“Come to Mama”, “Beware”) consistently, while still maintaining a certain style and class. This is raw, which is probably why we hear so many RZA samples, and dirty, but most of all it’s just good music with feeling – it’s got soul!

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