Thursday, September 25, 2008

Edo G featuring Pete Rock "My Own Worst Enemy"

As much as I love my sleep, I won’t lie I’ve kinda been enjoying waking up early in the morning before heading into work. Letting the sun rise around you is a great feeling!

This morning, even after being inundated with way to many new joints (I swear Christmas is on September 30th this year!) to bang I decided to pop in this record from Edo G and Pete Rock My Own Worst Enemy.

While it’s hard to believe this is four years old, I guess it does make sense being as I was getting ready to head to college when my boy David copped it. Go figure the kid who never pays any attention to the dudes of years past would go and cop something from these two legends before I was even up on the significance of the project.

Well after four years of sleepin’ I’m finally listening and I can’t believe I never picked this up! The beats are handled almost exclusively by the Soul Brotha #1, but we get one treat a piece from Diamond D, DJ Supreme One and DJ Revolution (who's dropin' a dope joint of his own but looks to be overshadowed by all the other high profile releases we are seeing – don’t sleep!) all of whom deliver the goods, creating an album with a distinct “dusty” sound.

But that is not to say it sounds old. Even if you wanna classify Edo G and Pete Rock as “old school” feel free, but their ain’t nothing old about this record. Just that real Hip Hop music from the soul for the soul out of Boston!

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