Thursday, September 18, 2008

Black Spade "To Serve With Love"

Here is a sleeper for y'all! All credit here goes to my boy Ty Davis over at the Street. He kept putting it in my ear that this kid Black Spade, who some may remember from Nicolay's solo Here, but I just wasn't checkin' it. Then he hit me off with the CD.

While it def takes a little open mindedness - it is on Om after all - this record is the perfect album for a gloomy afternoon. Filled with his own production (under the name Stoney Rock) he delivers a wide assortment of beats pulling from the dusty crates we all know and love around here.

While I wasn't impressed on my first listen I kept it in the deck and slowing the sounds consume you. The record is very organic with beats constantly changing and seguing into something else. You'll hear hints of Dilla, PR, and many others (he has a great tribute to all the beatmakers in "The Genius in You")in his beats but he is completly and totally his own producer.

Check it & just listen.

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