Monday, September 29, 2008

Edgar Allen Floe "The Road To Streetwise"

Being an emcee out of North Carolina has gotta be hard. After looking to be the “next” spot to blow, Petey Pablo’s fire burned out and Little Brother was left in his place to carry the torch in the underground.

After some steady grinding the state seems to be starting to see it’s shine once again as emcees continue to break out and get heard. While 9th has been generous with his beat placement, being part of the Justus League crew has to have it’s advantages and Edgar Allen Floe might be a testament to them.

Being a serious LB fan, I’ve always had an interest in the rest of the JL crew but outside of Scudda (don’t ask me why, dude just catches my ear) few others have ever stood out significantly. Edgar Allen is one of those few.

Not spending all of his time in the studio, or at least not releasing all that he records his output is a little thin with a debut full length expected in January. A few years ago he impressed me with his previous mixtape Floe Almighty with an assortment of heat courtesy of 9th and Khrysis among others and once again the man has delivered a mixtape that plays much like an album should with his trademark thick voice putting forth stories for days.

Road to Streetwise is soulful and fresh all the way through with a number of beats flipping samples in original ways and always working perfectly with whatever Floe chooses to discuss.

Kick back and listen to this while you burn a good one.

On another note, I apologize for the absence of the links in the previous post, I'm workin' on a solution so just hang tight!

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