Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Large Pro "Main Source"

For those that know the name I expect you download this on GP alone. If you're confused just check out the discography and this interview.

From his roll in exposing a young Nasir Jones to the world (BBQ is still the cut isn't it?!)to being invovled in a number of classics, Extra P has always been on the low and one of the best to touch an SP (now an MPC) and at the same time he holds it down on the mic finer than alot of these so called emcees of today.

Having laid back in the shadows, the Professor is getting ready to unleash his new joint on the world and if you have been missing what he cooks up you need to hear this. Paying tribute to, and reminding the suckers about, his former group Main Source is fresh and new displaying both Large Professsors ability to continue to deliver vintage beats, but at the same time never relying on his past.

Their shouldn't be any talk about this record sounding "old school." It drops September 30th, cop that shit!

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