Thursday, October 9, 2008

Termanology "Politics As Usual"

Remember how trendy it was to hate on NY and the East coast Hip Hop scene? People placed a lot of high hopes on the likes of Saigon, Papoose and Tru Life. Well none of them have yet to drop an official release, although they have some great unofficial work available.

With them taking their time playing the major label games, I’m going to spend the next couple weeks looking at several loosely associated artists from around the East coast (who actually release music) and have taken the art into their hands and brought back the classic feel to their tunes that only their coast is known for.

First up hailing from Massachusetts is the latest young gun to grace many a Primo banger. Termanology built his name up traveling to Boston and NY while releasing a series of great mixtapes - what you know about them Hood Politics? Over the course of his grind he made some valuable connections and with the delivery of his debut album we are treated to the fruits of the hustle.

With an old lead single produced by Prem (why they didn’t include the super grimy remix is a mystery) in “Whatch How It Go Down” to a not quite as old follow up in “So Amazing” which has to be one of the best Primo beats, ever, Term knows how to handle Mr. Martins work. The surprise we were all in for though was the official single, once again ably handled by Premier and features an always on point Bun B. While it’s unfortunate that the Texas connect couldn’t have happened sooner, this track proves that while Prem may have been born in the lone star state his heart and soul are in New York with a sound he helped shape.

Beyond this the record is filled with other Illmatic producers with Pete Rock cooking up something special for Term to get serious on with “We Killin’ Ourselves.” Addressing the issue of unprotected sex and promiscuity, Term has to receive props for taking the time out to address a serious topic that is overlooked far too often.

While he does take this time out to speak on a serious topic, the majority of this record is your typical braggadocios I’m the shit raps with Term making light references to running the streets. At times he pulls off a clever punchline or two:

I used to fuck with chemistry in the street
Now I fuck with chemistry on the beats

Over a nasty Alchemist beat you can’t help but chuckle, but you are quickly drawn back into the grittiness that is an ALC production – plus Prodigy comes through for a scathing guest verse and you already know how the M-O-B-B flows over these tracks.

P’s better, and free, other half laces Term with the closing beat of the album where Term takes one last stab at claiming the crown – you got a few years homie! Politics as Usual is filled with banging beats, gritty street raps and a charismatic young emcee, can you really ask for anything more?

Come through next week for a look at Term’s fellow MA representers East Coast Avengers, here’s some cats looking to bring it back! Kill Bill O’Riely.

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