Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DJ Graffiti "Hipsters Need Soul Too"

Before we get into this, I suggest you let Jay Smooth break something down.

If it’s good music, I’m down with it.

The most basic, fundamental element to a DJ’s repertoire is his ability to find good music. To that end, dusty crates across the world (wide web?) have been sifted through in hopes of finding that cut to blow the audiences mind. DJ Graffiti may not stumble on auditory bliss with his Hipsters Need Soul Too mix, but he will give you a great demonstration of the so called “Hipster” rap movement and even show you a few legends that might have been just a bit ahead of the curve.

Buff1 plays double duties here hosting the tape and delivering the opening cut “What Does Hipster Mean?” I know it’s a question I’ve asked, and I’m guessing it’s one that is only going to be asked more often in the near future. Buff breaks down his ideas surrounding the word and while he can’t resist taking a few shots at the hipster fashion sense, he’s heard the good music Graffiti has lined up.

With a quick drop from Buff welcoming everyone in, we here Jessica Tonder and Proton start things off with the synth heavy “Bee (Remix)” where Proton gets his slow flow on and Tonder croons achingly. It’s a grower but the combination of Proton’s slow off kilter delivery and Tonders ghost like vocal tone keeps me coming back.

Mickey Factz might be one of the lead dogs when it comes to this scene and on this track he has finally shown me something. With energy and conviction in his voice and flow, “Light” is an inspirational we shall succeed style track that Graf mixes right into “Arcade Fly” from 6th Sense and Wildabeast, a fun if unmoving track after Factz impressive display.

At this moment Graffiti flips the program dropping “Posses on Broadway” a guaranteed party starter here in Seattle, or anywhere else. Graffiti is an impressive blend man and here he matches the Cool Kids banging 808s with the classic Black Moon cut “How Many Emcees” for a stunning mash up that sounds as if Buck and 5 ft. spit to this beat back in ’93.

After dropping a few more tracks for the throwback portion of the mix Rashaan spits about his sneaker addiction claiming to be a “Sneaker Store Terrorist.” I may never be a sneaker head, but anyone who knows that game will enjoy this tremendously. “Taste” from Pac Div is what we hear next and it’s still just as fresh as the first time I heard it, even if that was awhile ago.

Graffiti keeps his track selection tight throughout the mix picking a great combination of new and old, known and unknown songs from an assortment of artists also of varying scales of notoriety. The Michigan native throws in a couple Dilla joints neither of which will you expect, and one is even made more funky thanks to Graf’s blend skills.

If that isn’t enough he also wants everyone to know he can rock the dance floor too as he gets busy with a nice little booty shaking break, making a great point about Common and an equally questionable point about Electric Circus.

Hipsters Need Soul Too will rock some parties and introduce you to some new names to watch. It won’t change anyone’s mind on how they feel about this emerging genre, but hopefully it will make you listen to their music and forget, at least for the three minutes you are hearing their song, whatever was wrong with their outfit when you gave them their dap right before they got on stage last night.

Check out the first part of the tape here (Shouts to Steph - thanks girl!) and if you are feeling it get the complete version from Graf himself for whatever you like!

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