Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Layover Videos

I woke up this morning and took a walk over to EM (Everyday Music) did some digging and picked up The Layover EP. I’m planning a full review for Friday, but I’m as impressed as I expected to be.

If you haven’t been following the internet hype campaign Ev and company created to get this record known, it was an impressive one and included shooting five videos, four of which are included on a DVD with the EP. The video plan worked well as far as I can tell as they are all fresh and different showing the versatility Evidence holds.

Evidence “The Layover”

Evidence ft. The Alchemist & Fashawn “Far Left”

Evidence ft. Defari “Don’t Hate”

The ending of that joint is DOPE! That beat is hypnotic and they both destroy it, this is indicative of the entire record. The Alchemist has long been down with Evidence – since before either of them were who they are today, and they have begun creating music together under the name Step Brothers. Here on the EP we are presented with their first official release and a video was shot in their home town showing off what it is these guys like to do on a day off – It’s probably not to dissimilar from what you and your boys do.

Step Brothers “So Fresh”

From the beat to the rhymes to the black and white shots in the video the title couldn’t be bestowed upon a better song.

Evidence ft. Krondon “Solitary Confinement”

Being the last video to drop, coming out today to celebrate the release of the EP, it figures they would save the best for last. With an incredibly haunting beat from Sid Roams we get a great dissection of time alone and finding the balance one needs of human interactions. Krondon would have been fresh with a verse, but I can’t be mad at it as is that hook is classic! Watch out for the chick half way through the video, NSFW…

The Alchemist ft. Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss & Pusha T “Lose Your Life”

Last week ALC dropped his own Alchemists Cookbook EP with the above song leading off the joint it serves as a primer to get people ready for his full length in the first quarter of ’09.

The Alchemist ft. Prodigy & Nina Sky “Keys to the City”

Evidence “Chase the Clouds Away”

From Ev’s debut, this “anti weed” jam is probably one of the most positive and happy Hip Hop tracks I’ve ever heard – and that’s a good thing. Coming across as genuine it doesn’t seem like a joke, the fatal flaw feel good Hip Hop so often falls victim too.

Fashawn ft. Evidence “Our Way”

Ev gave Fash a spot on the EP over The Alchemists monster of a beat “The Far Left.” Aside from the dope flash card treatment in the video they all drop impressive verses. The above cut is off Fashawn’s last mixtape he did with Mick Boogie, but with the video treatment I’m thinking the talk I read of it being off his debut is true. If anyone is curious it’s Exile on the beat.

Dilated Peoples “Worst Comes to Worst”

Alchemist ft. Prodigy, Illa Ghee & Nina Sky “Hold U Down”

Just a couple older joints as a little bonus! Get out and cop The Layover EP now.

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