Friday, December 5, 2008

Ras G "Beats of Mind"

Any album that’s first words spoken is “first blunt of the day, time to make a beat” I’m fucking with!

Ras G would be one of the current new crop of beat musicians coming out of LA. While new is a relative term, his teammate Flying Lotus has been making waves for awhile now and hopefully leading more to discover Ras. Regardless of when you enter the mans world, I imagine he has been conquering record bins for years and will be filling them up with his own creations in the years to come.

Originally dropped on wax courtesy of the Poohbah label as a 6 track EP, here we find his Beats of Mind flushed out to a full 21 tracks of selector goodness. Drawing on numerous sounds from throughout the universe you are bound to hear a few you might be familiar with… and many you aren’t.

Using clips from the classic Sun Ra flick Space is the Place Ras G and his Afrikan Space Program rock out!
As a big fan of Sun Ra, you hear the influence come through as the disc plays out sometimes slow and hypnotic, sometimes fast and frantic, and sometimes it holds just what you need to hear.

Instrumental albums are journeys through their creators minds, and Ras has a dense one. From layering sounds to letting loops repeat, to programming dusty drums on his old MPC 2000XL we are treated to some great music.

Nothing ever plays out too long and just when you think you have found the groove of the album he flips the script and hits you with something else while at the same time keeping the grimey low end bass heavy for your speakers.

From vocal chops to floating melodies Beats of Mind will drift through the air like the haze from his backwood he keeps lit. Marinate on this album as it consumes your life, I’ve been going back to it for months now and he still surprises, still impresses, but most of all a hit from this is good all day – no tolerance need be broken down.

Bonus Video: Ras G breaking down Rastafari

Check him on myspace:
Crate Creator Music
Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program

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