Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Spin: Three for 1

Hello world! It’s the last week of work for me, gotta get on my job hunt game… but yeah – let’s not go there. I kicked it with some of the homies last night, kind of like a reunion of the summertime! Burning that sticky and listening to some tunes, you can’t ever go wrong. The next morning is always good too and this fine morning as I kicked backed before work I put on a few different joints that I’m going to share with y’all!

Erick Sermon The Funklord Files Vol. 2 (Courtesy of Jaz @ Cold Rock Da Spot)

Perhaps inspired by my impression with the latest EPMD release, I decided to throw on this collection of Sermon produced tracks – he is rapping on a number of them as well. From his work with Parrish, to the Def Squad crew the Green Eyed Bandit has always cooked up some of the funkiest bangers! Here you get Keith Murray’s “Get Lifted (Remix)” complete with his trademark flow and the voice that always stands out. While listening to these tracks what stands out constantly is the BASS. It’s always heavy, but subtle. It doesn’t blow your speakers, the flaw in far too many rappers tracks, but floats out into the air and fully vibrates your body – you FEEL it.

Eugene McDaniels Outlaw

Changing it up just a little, going into the soul meets folk meets rock arena with Eugene McDaniels a name you may be familiar with from a number of Atlantic sides as a writer and session player which of course led to his own solo recordings. Unfortunately he was too righteous for the powers that be and Atlantic received letters from the government looking for help silencing Mr. McDaniels. Outlaw was still released, but to little fanfare or promotion quickly disappearing into the bins.

Inside you will find a raw and passionate singer with an incredibly unique voice that suits his musical backing well. Somewhere between the southern funk and rock fusion of time and some of the more classic soul that Atlantic was known for. The lyrics are piercing and honest, the delivery is perfect at times coming across like an emcee flowing with the beat.

dZihan & Kamien Orchestra Live in Vienna

I might be alone as a fan of this crew, but even with the hints of cheesy eighties smooth jazz, dZihan & Kamien Orchestra display an impressive full sound that blends electronic instruments with more traditional ones. Proving that the word Orchestra isn’t misplaced in their name on this live date from Vienna you will hear a great Jazz band improvising with a DJ who blends in a mix of ethereal trance inducing sounds and more up tempo club driven beats to keep it funky and fun. A couple guest vocalists make appearances as well that only add to the chill vibe this project bounces in and out of.

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