Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Children of the Night "100 %"

Emcees Lansky, Remy Banks and Versa hail from Queens NY and make up Children of the Night (COTN, pronounced Cotton – as in the fabric of life). Having spent years in the NY underground they have united under the COTN flag to deliver their debut mixtape 100 % and are looking to break out of their backyard and make an impact on the national Hip Hop scene.

In these days and times within the music industry making a name for yourself is as hard as ever and putting in the work is only half the battle. As blogs continue to gain momentum and followers, fans are slowly gaining control of the music once again deciding what it is they want and if you aren’t on point the people won’t be fucking with you. Luckily Lansky, Remy and Versa all have skills plus a natural chemistry that brings to mind the essence of any number of classic Hip Hop groups.
100 % sees these three trading bars over fourteen smooth and soulful tracks reflecting on their lives in the city and the music they love.

On “Cartunes” they prove they aren’t scared to have fun and goof off watching some TV, but they just as easily touch on matters of a more serious nature on “Fabric of Our Lives” – the hook is a great play on their name and the tapes title, but the verses display a great sense of understanding the industry and its practice of creating throwaway tunes for the masses; something they don’t appear to be trying to appease.

Production credits aren’t included here, but from the note on the back (“The production here has been handled as if it was our freshman LP”) it sounds like the beats here are originals, although a few sound very familiar. Whoever is cooking up these tracks has studied the legends and channels Dilla (I feel like a couple of these are his?) in a way I’ve never heard, along with some RZA influences the beats sound like vintage NY Hip Hop but completely new and exciting – you will be nodding your head to these beats while burning blunts with the homies.

100 % is an impressive debut from a group that shows a lot of promise. Heavily influenced by the sounds that made NYC the mecca for Hip Hop, Children of the Night deliver a record that shows what the city has to offer. Tune in and give ‘em a listen, they might just allay any need you may have for an album from many of those dubbed the saviors of New York Hip Hop.

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