Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday & R.I.P Max Roach

I'm some what new to the music of Max Roach, but what I'm hearing is only fueling the already legendary rep the pioneering Bebop drummer has. Today, Januray 10, 2009 would mark his 85th birthday and while people always tend to pay tribute on the days of someones death, I want to celebrate their life and the music that we were blessed with in those years.

So give a listen to some of these videos and get familiar with the man and the myth - listen to how he plays and then go out and pick up anything with his name on it!

Be sure to watch to the end as Max gets busy before they wrap the song up!

"Your hands shimmering on the legs of rain."
-From Max Roach's grave stone.

May he always rest in peace and forever be remembered in the grooves of the wax.

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