Friday, January 2, 2009

The Musik Lounge Podcast #8: The Genesis

Welcome to 2009! I hope y'all had a great holiday and celebrated right. I dropped off the map, but I'm back in the 6 and ready to get busy with the blog once more. I'm gonna be branching out to some other blogs as well, contributing my personal tastes where I can and hopefully continue to expose people to some great music!

I spent the day rearranging my apartment, if I can't move to some place new I guess this will have to hold me over. 2009 marks some big changes for me - from being out of school (and loans that expect to be paid starting in a few days) to not having a job (gotta get on the hustle and find something, anyone know people looking for someone?)it's a new begining. In the process of shifting things around this box they call an apartment I managed to get my Pro Tools working right and that means I can get back to dropping mixes like I used to.

For those who were checking in with me back then (we got any long time readers?) you will be treated to more of the same i.e. some basic mixing and fading, some blending and an all around journey through whatever sounds I'm feeling at the moment. While I've been delivering weekly podcasts for Soul and Hip Hop (look out for new ones to begin Sunday!) within these mixes you won't have to listen to me talk or be stuck in one genre.

With that said here is number 8 of The Musik Lounge Podcast, entitled The Genesis. In case anyone is curious about the last two Jay-Z reviews, I open this one with "Show Me What You Got" - Kingdom Come will be up for your enjoyment hopefully later tonight or tomorrow morning!

Thanks for checking out what I do around these parts and I hope you enjoy, stay up!

The Genesis

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