Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Musik Lounge Podcast #9: New Sounds

A week of sickness means a lot of listening time and I heard some great music this week and found some great stuff both on the internet and in the stores of Seattle. I got three weeks left and I'm definetly planing on taking advantage of any oppurtunity to get my dig on! Lord knows what the stores in Coos Bay, Oregon will bear - I think trips to Eugene will be in order...

With new adventures and intentions in mind, I present to you the latest installment of the Musik Lounge podcast, New Sounds. I threw this down Friday afternoon and while I've deviated from the "strictly wax" policy (two of these cuts are mp3's, sue me) I think you will be entertained by the assortment of styles touched on throughout. Enjoy this mix and pardon my scratching - I have to play around a little!

New Sounds

Piet Van Meren "Cool Echo" (Cinemaphonic: Soul Punch)
Sandy Nelson "Soulful Strut" (Rebirth of the Beat)
Snoop Dogg "The One & Only" (Paid Tha Cost To Be The Boss)
Def Squad "Music (Remix)" (8 Hot Missles)
Marvin Gaye "Flying High (In The Friendly Skies)" (What's Going On)
Bobbie Humphrey "Chicago, Damn" (Blacks & Blues)
Bugge Wesseltoft "Modular" (New Coneption of Jazz)
Wick Wack "Mellow Soulf Fruit" (Mushroom Jazz Vol. 4)
Gary McFarland & Gabor Szabo "Simpatico" (Simpatico)
The Temptations "No More Water In The Well" (With Lots O' Soul)
Santana "Future Primitive" (Caravanserai)
Fat Jon "Change Your Mind" (Humanoid Erotica)
Hi-Tek "Love Language" (Train of Thought Instrumentals)

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