Saturday, January 17, 2009

Something to contemplate...

So the TML was a little quiet this week. I’m not gonna try and say that I’m real busy and don’t have time… I got time. I got more time than I ever have had since I began doing this thing - almost a year ago that I started? Damn.

So whats up with no updates? I just didn’t care this week.

Hip Hop wasn’t moving me and as excited as I had been about trying to review American Gangster… Let’s just say it sounds tired. It’ll still come, in due time.

For the moment I’m playing country songs on Lia’s radio show and whishing that I didn't need to look for a job while at the same time preparing my resume and getting my hopes up on a job that I probably have about zero chance of getting – but I’ll still give it a shot!

Been reading a lot of Wax Poetics lately and not going out. Hell I’ve been reading in general. Even picked up a Sci-Fi book last week and have been reading about ten pages a night. It’s interesting, if not completely understandable. I think I actually had more luck figuring out what my philosophy books said back in college.

Listen to me “back in college” like it was so long ago. But damn it does feel like a minute since I’ve been going to classes. Did get to listen to some interesting lectures on Friday courtesy of the Grammy U program that I never did join while actually in school… hmmm… Sorry Court!

But anyway, the TML is gonna be active in whatever way I feel it needs to be for the foreseeable future. I know, I know, all the bloggers of the world gotta hit you with that new shit constantly and I may be signing my own death – but it’s my blog and I’m gonna do what I gots to do. Y’all know what I do and if you dig it you’ll check it from time to time regardless.

For now you can count on the podcasts (S.o.S will return tomorrow whether Rob comes through the spot or not!) and expect something different from the reviews. I’m bored of it and feeling the need to challenge myself a little. I guess that whole journalism school thing might have that effect, no?

Would anyone be interested in reading some interviews circa ’05 – ’07 with a number of “underground” emcees? I’ve been contemplating digitizing my old interviews from the radio show days and it could be fun to turn them into a periodic post or two. Just an idea.

Blu is killing it all.

And I'm a little late but everyone should watch Californication. Fuck the Chili Peppers for suing over the name, get over yourselves and make a solid record again.

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