Sunday, January 25, 2009

TML Radio #4

With a little snow falling it was easy to stay inside and go through the new songs for the week - not much, but I came up with some of the best for ya'll to bang in this weeks edition of TML Radio.
TML Radio #4
You aren't gonna find any of the Joe Budden/Saigon beef, although you will here probably the best song of the Slaughterhouse music we've been privy to in a remix to Joell's "Move On."

I have been waiting for one of the continuous stream of Freeway cuts to grab me and while I'm not sold that this is the best Free has to offer, it's decent enough.

Reks makes another appearance and continues to prove to me that not hearing Gray Hairs is a mistake - can anyone hook me up?

As my time in Seattle begins to tick away I'm glad to be hearing some of the best music from local crew Dyme Def. I've been disappointed in a lot of the leaks but "Cheers" is superdope. Anyone who hasn't heard Space Music needs to get it in their life!

Elswhere you will find an assortment of up and comers from XV goin' in on "Bad News" to Jay Elec and Che Grand rock a Mr. Porter heat rock and Esso lacing "Rock the Mic" (I'm guessing this is Bow Wow's version?) reminiscing about the joints that he grew up on - fresh.

I might get some hate for including the new Rick Ross cut "Mafia Music" but the beat is smooth and Ross flows pretty much for it's entirety - I like dude's flow, what can I say. Did ya'll ever really think he was moving weight anyway?

"Prom Queen" didn't make the cut but I threw in a very rock sounding remix to Raje's "Loser" which features Wayne and Tyga - it's interesting and feeds my curiosity for experimental rap. While I'm not sure how Rebirth is gonna turn out, I'm excited that Wayne will take the chance and do something different. Music is in dire need of someone willing to take chances and, regardless of the quality, it's good to see someone push people to expand their minds.

And then of course there are the Obama songs. I was sick Tuesday, but got on the net to watch the speech and while I was bummed by the screw up of the Oath of Office, I was awed by the speech and am very excited to see what is in the future for our country. I'm curious if anyone else didn't want to say that just a month ago, and now does it not feel good to say it? I'm proud to be from here again and I do believe that is due to the hope I see in our new president.

On that note, of course I got the Jay-Z "DC Mix" of Jeezy's hit and I included One-2's letter to "Mr. Obama" along with the amazing Freddie Foxx cut "Yes We Can." You might be wondering "Bumby Knucks is doing an Obama song? Why don't he just stick with his street shit that he does like no one else?" Don't worry it's well worth the four plus minutes and should be played to all!

Thanks for rocking with me this week! Peace,
-Will J.

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