Sunday, February 1, 2009

TML Radio #5

It's that time once again y'all! TML Radio is back for another go round on Superbowl Sunday no less. I'm what you might call a fair weather fan but I do enjoy a good game and I'm hoping to see one today.

If you aren't so inclined to watch the game why not listen to new Hip Hop? This weeks edition of TML Radio is packed with 24 tracks from an assortment of emcees, by know you should know how we do it around these parts - it don't matter who you are just what skills you hold on the mic or behind the production boards!

From a powerhouse remix of maybe my favorite track off Tip's solo (seeing Busta, the Chef & Wayne on a track with the tribe frontman is ridiculous) I'm hitting you with strictly the heat rocks!

ALC cooked up something new and different for us to enjoy and while Dyme Def didn't make the cut with their latest leak the homeboy Grynch comes through with a new track, as always repping for the SEA.

The Coast 2 Coast weeklies have been leaking out and steadily impressing my Hip Hop sensibilities, but this week two of the lesser known participants Add 2 and Lil Fats make appearances with their quick one verse apiece additions to the catalog.

The dude Print, after impressing on the Superfrieds project managed to snag not one but to spots in the mix showing both an older side with the smooth Jazz burner "New Kyrpton" and his more contemporary sound that coincides with all that is new within Hip Hop at the moment "Superman is Alive." Kid is really taking the super hero swag to another level... Oh well, whatever works right?

Of course I had to drop the latest installment of "My President is Black" with Jeezy jumping on his own track to lay a new verse down - delivering some harsh words for Bill O'Riley in the process.

Of course we got more, but y'all aren't here for my rhetoric, so get into this!

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