Sunday, February 8, 2009

TML Radio #6

I'm busy diggin through crates at the Eugene Hilton - we got any readers from the OR? - but had to keep y'all up with the latest bangers from the Hip Hop world.

While it was a slow week with only sixty or so tracks to run through, the quality was much higher as I pulled a solid twenty (about the average) out to present to y'all. Reks comes through again with a real track this time, some real inspiring music courtesy of this Showoff affiliate.

While we hold our breathe for the Saigon/Statik banger All In A Day's Work, I took it back with "Breath Thru the Years" featuring a new third verse from the kid. We keep that NY street asthetic rolling with a great new Wu cut from the Chef featuring the Ironman and Johnny Blaze - honestly this is one of the hottest Wu cut's I've heard in along time, "Wu Ooh"! Who is on that beat?

Even if I'm leaving the S-E-A in search of some new and better music, I won't ever forget the town that has raised me nor the music that we do got up here! Dyme Def has been featured in this area in recent weeks and I don't doubt their inclusion will fade - especially if tracks like "Rollin' Stone" keep coming. What up Fearce!

Eminem may be pissed about the leak of "Crack A Bottle" and I'm not sure I blame him. Oh well, I played it and I'm sure you did too! Well now we are gettin the Shady remix of sorts with Cashis and Bobby Creekwater - I like what I'm hearing from these dudes. We'll see. Their slightly more known labelmate Obie Trice should have a thrid album sooner rather than later but with high profile relases from the camp planned for this year Bottoms Up may be sitting on the shelves for a minute - either way "Can't 4Eva" is that dope to keep you satisfied.

As always I gotta give some of shine to the new kids in the show. Charles Hamilton continues to make me think mixed things, but he goes pretty hard on "Brass Knuckles." Speaking of hard, Nino Bless destroys the slightly annoying Madlib beat (What's new right?) for "Straight Slaugther" and John Hope comes correct on "Gutter."

Swiff D blew me away during the Red Bull Big Tune beat battle in '07 but I haven't heard much of his stuff gettin placement. TiRon hooks up with him for the smooth "No Change" and with Exile and Co$$ both looking at projects to push their connect for "Can't I" sounds all kinds of right.

Of course you will find some more special nuggets within for your pleasure so as always kick back and enjoy this weeks edition of TML Radio. Thank you for listening!

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