Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TML Radio #7

Packing up an apartment you've spent three years filling with stuff is no joke! Oh well I'm still here, and I couldn't let you get to far into the week with out hitting you with the latest edition of TML Radio. Expect to see them up on Monday's or Tuesdays for the foreseeable future, as by this time next week I'll be moved back home and just filled with bundles of time. I won't let a move stop me from getting my podcast hustle on!

Lots of dope jams this week, the Seattle boys kick it off one last time repping for my city - no doubt about it I'm gonna miss the 6.

Got another joint from this Saigon and Statik album along with a solid track the Mash Out Posse and Jimmy Kendrick laced Grafh with a heat rock in "Welcome to My City."

Elsewhere we saw a couple young bucks go in on some classic beats. Peep Quest rocking the Nas/Primo classic for "Quest is Like" and Nero was in a Primo state of mind too as he grabs "Platinum Plus" - R.I.P. Big L.

After creating some of the biggest buzz the internet has seen with his latest mixtape So Far Gone - maybe a review is in order? What did y'all think? I'm not as impressed as I was expecting to be/the hype makes it out to be - I had to give you some from Drizzy and "November 18th" was one of the stand outs so enjoy the DJ Screw inspired drug jawn.

As always lots of surprises to be had so throw this on and get busy doing whatever you got on your plate this Tuesday. I'm gonna rock to some more Sleep Walker and keep on packing, I'm out!

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