Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thoughts from the Dome

Damn... I miss Tuesdays like this. It used to be such a great day for me. I would always know when I needed to get a ride to Fred Myer so I could cop the latest joint. Hopefully you can get out and help fight this recession with the purchase of at least one of the numerous albums hitting shelves today, but if not I won't hold it against you - I won't be coping any (and I really want that BlackOut 2 for banging in the new whip!) until I have a job locked up which could be soon but nothing is guaranteed right? Gotta stay on the grind, keeping my eyes open and get back to hitting the blog with all the hot reviews of some great Hip Hop music.

But don't be thinking that's all were about here at The Musik Lounge - I'm an equal opportunity genre offender. I have spent the last several nights falling asleep to Jaberloop's project Check This Out! and I must say I'm glad I finally took their advice and checked it while awake. Not to say that their club brand of Jazz isn't fun and relaxing at the same time and even with the up tempo numbers I never found it out of place as I drifted off.

On the other hand I tried giving the latest Wayne tape a spin and managed to get so sucked in I'm playing it again as I write this wondering why I am not passed out - and the truth is Weezy actually has a number of cuts here, courtesy of his friends The Empire, that will have you rewinding to hear the beats again as much as his inconsistently consistent punch lines. "One Night Only" features as hard a beat as any other love song and a great high pitched vocal sample that brings back memories of early Kanye jams.

While I still haven't been able to get my internet on point long enough to grab the latest Empire tape with Drake, The Drought is Over demonstrated something great in my eyes - let's just get back to some simple Hip Hop shit. This tape is filled with banging beats and Wayne riding them like he does at his best. No crazy genre bending experiments here, just some Rap music for your kids to enjoy. While Wayne keeps proving how crazy he is this mixtape proves that he still can just get in the booth and select some heat rocks for the masses. Now how about making it official?

Just some thoughts from my dome. It's late, I'm listening to some tunes and just finished the excellent Hemp Ale and on that note I'm out of here.

*Exits firefox and turns up that Lil Wayne & Game "Red Magic"*

You should turn it up too!

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