Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rock City "Put The F'n Album Out... Sneak Peak"

It's a new day, a new month and I'm trying to make some changes in my personal life. Hopefully this will mean more posts here at the lounge for ya'll! Back when I posted on the regular, Monday was reserved for mix tape reviews. It might not exactly be Monday but close enough right?

Rock City caught my attention on the last Beans album with the single “Go Low” getting a video treatment. While you can argue the quality of a Beanie Sigel album for days (I'm a fan, always have been – It's the ROC!) the duo that is Rock City undoubtedly killed the track and proved that they can hold down a hook for the future – lets see them get some features from these lazy ass rappers!

But where “Go Low” shed some light on their voices, this sneak peak of a mix tape shows that they are actually capable emcees – at least when going in on a number of modern day classic beats. From opening with the obligatory “Say You Will” cover they flip it up and attack Common's “Be” intro for their own official jump off to the tape and then roll right into “Best I Ever Heard” which is an amusing take on the Drake single, but I'm already over emcees rocking to it – some tracks are meant to be done by one.

If you already have your interests piqued then this tape is certainly for you as we aren't even a quarter of the way through it and they still got more bangers lined up. They take “Blame It” and make a great argument for the existence of mindless club music – there will always be a time and place for it, don't hate.

Unfortunately it takes hot beats to make tracks pop in the club, and while they can obviously chose heat rocks the masses have already shown love to when it comes to selecting some original material it proves severely lacking in the creative and entertaining categories. It proves to be an even worse choice when they decide to rock some hot trash like “Jumpin Out the Window” - this track never should have been made to begin with, why would you bother remaking it?

With a tape that opened to so much promise they seem to get lost in club dreams and a desperate attempt at fame. Auto tune weighs down the second half of this quick mix tape (clocks in at just under 48 minutes) that changes from some impressive flows to a display of top of the line faux singing – I take back my previous statement, the singing on “Go Low” may very well have been a fluke.

Not all is lost as Put The F'n Album Out... Sneak Peak proves to resurrect itself towards the end with Rock City rocking the mic some more to decent results, getting close to the heights they showed us in the beginning (“PSA”) but while braggadocios rhymes can carry a mix tape they don't display the depth that would prepare them to deliver a full fledged album. If this tape is to make the people want an official album I certainly hope they enlist big name producers, lay off the auto tune and apply those writing skills they've sold to “everyone in the game” to their own tracks.

If I didn't scare you off, grab the tape here courtesy of the dopehouse.

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