Monday, July 13, 2009

Grynch "Chemistry" EP

To anyone who wasn't lucky enough to make it out to the Nectar last night, it sounds like we missed a great show! But Grynch is a cool guy and is giving away the music he was performing for free, which in these tough times is a nice price.

While I'm struggling with the fact that it really was over a year and a half ago that I was writing for the PI and covering the record release party for his last official full length, My Second Wind, the fact is times have changed and Grynch is moving forward like the rest of us.

Change is a topic of dissection here by the King of Ballard, namely on the tremendous track “Time.” In my five short years in the 206 I saw many things change around my neighborhood – Capitol Hill for the curious – and every time I get back to the town I notice more things different than were the same. Grynch takes it back even further and speaks on things only natives of the city can relate to, but the theme is something we all can understand and his message to keep looking ahead and not battle with the always forward moving clock is inspirational.

It is this connection that makes Grynch a success. His open and honest rhymes speak to the basics of human life and the ups and downs we all go through. “Doin' To Much” sees him break down a night at the bar and the trouble one can get into financially (and physically) just to have a good time, but in the end the fact remains that getting those last shots with your boys is totally worth it. Or maybe it's the great ode to his car in “My Volvo” which is filled with memories from the years in his whip. Speaking from the heart he tells us “I've laughed in that car/I've cried in that car/Knock on wood man I'll probably die in that car” before going into the simplistic yet brilliant hook that I guarantee you will be singing along to regardless of what kind of ride you drive.

Guest wise we see familiar faces in Geologic and Tunji showing up on “Smoke & Mirrors” all delivering stellar verses. No hate to Saba but I like hearing Geo rock over other peoples beats and Tunji continues to impress, if you aren't listening to Inverse you should be! We also see the little homie team up with One Be Lo for the title track for some raw emcee type shit over a live Scenik beat. And Ra Scion comes through too on “You Know Me” where they both convey how Hip Hop has shaped their lives – the heads will be pulling quoteables from this for days.

Grynch rounded up a good selection of producers for this project expanding on the mellower side he demonstrated on the last full length and his previous EP with The Two Good Men. That is not to say these tracks don't knock, but they feel more musical and a step forward to a new sound. CSD (Who?) kills the opening cut “Right Now” and the always impressive Illmind laces “A Dream Undeferred” with a dope guitar chop and lovely stuttering drums providing the back drop for Grynch to let us know a little bit about his history, his fears, his championships, and all the in betweens.

If that isn't enough to convince you that he is a Seattle artist worth supporting and watching for just go over to Matson's blog and check out just how down to earth the dude is as they cruise around in the Volvo and chop it up about those things Grynch conveys best in his raps: Honesty and passion for an art form and the town that raised him.

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Miss Caroline said...

Excellent post, I'm looking forward to listening to the EP after work, and am sorry to have missed the show. As always, Will, your in-depth examination of the album and artists is captivating and meticulous.