Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Physics "High Society" EP

While I can't say that I was a part of the masses who thoroughly enjoyed Future Talk, the debut Physics release was definitely a good introduction to a group that has a lot to offer to the scene. With that being said, I do believe the release of their latest EP High Society shows tremendous growth and great potential for what the trio of Thig Natual, Justo and Monk Wordsmith has to offer to the ever growing Seattle Hip Hop scene.

From the quick intro where they let us know that “you can't rush good music” you know that you are in for a treat. Featuring smooth beats courtesy of Justo along with Phee Dill and Dyalect you can't help but nod your head along to all of the seven full length songs featured here.

Filled with knocking drums, greats samples and fresh horns the music is super dope, but the rhymes and flows are on point as well. From the jump off you can enjoy the message they have to deliver with their every man type raps and personable style. “Back Track” will catch many heads attention as it is filled with stories that I'm sure we can all relate too. Unfortunately I can't tell who spits it (I think it's Monk?) but the lines should speak to anyone who enjoys this music:
The south end framed the mind of this man
Skyway became my new hood in time understand
I was sired from a clan
Immigrants African hustling
Struggling to build a life in this land
Moms and pops naw they didn't understand
My obsession with freestyle sessions and Wu-Tang
The streets to me
Beseech true game
Building with the god bodies got my mind on a new frame

More quoteables come but I'll let you grab the free EP to hear what the crew has in store.

“I Just Wanna Beat” is a hilarious and oh so true tale filled with facts from the mind of any and every guy. We've all had that moment when we knew we just wanted to smash that one (is it really only one?) chick and they deliver the message in a relatable way. We also get to hear Macklemore deliver a stellar verse on “Good” that reminds me of why I banged The Language of My World early on in my time in the 206 – whats up with the new album?

They've been hard at work on the visuals for “The Session” and while it might not stand out as much as the previously mentioned tracks it features their trademark smooth beats and amazing horns – are those a sample? Or do they got a secret weapon in a live trumpet player? Either way the song bangs and I'm sure when the video drops it will serve as a great follow up to “Ready for We.”

They bring the up and coming duo of the moment Thee Satisfaction through for some well placed ad libs and backing vocals on “Radio Head” demonstrating an ear for the next shit along with a great track that will almost certainly “get stuck in your head all day.” If you are looking for something a little progressive and definitely a step outside of the typical Seattle hip hop box High Society is just the release for you. It's an upbeat and fun, quick album for the summer and it will capture your mind taking you back to good memories – it may even become the soundtrack to some new memories.

Grab it for FREE here!

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