Monday, September 7, 2009

Sapient "Make Morphine: The Remixes"

For a crew with the rep Sandpeople have amassed over the years on their grind it seems crazy to think they are giving music away for free. Shouldn’t they be on some major indy by now? Truth is told in this day and age you can probably do just as good on your own – if you are willing to put in the work. Apparently they have been going so hard that they have too much music and decided to give away three albums for free over the next three months.

The first was given away on the first of this month (as the next two will be in the following two months) and is Sapient’s Make Morphine. Filled with a different producer for each track tackling an original from Sapient’s self produced Make More, it is a somewhat scattershot collection with a to be expected wide variety of styles. Some work well with Sapient’s own steez and some leave you craving the original.

While not completely in a new order, some songs are in new places but “Here” is still the opener and I would say DJ FlipFlop did his thing! Placing some building and ominous string stabs under Sapient’s opening verse that is oh so serious - the tone is set from the start. This isn’t for any toys, strictly some Hip Hop heads. If you love your beats knocking, your lyrics sharp and honest this is what you need in your life.

The guest verses were limited here but of course Sape had to get a couple of the crew on the mic. He and Ethic team up and let everyone know about what their little group is. Cheddy laces this remix with more electro tinged production giving their lyrics an added punch.

Elsewhere we see Rev. Shines produce a stellar remix of the single from the original album. “My Grind is Tech,” over the lush samples and dusty drums Shines dug up, feels perfect for Sapient to let people know all about his work ethic. If you are trying to get ahead in your field you will feel the honesty in this track and the Shines beat will keep your head nodding in agreement.

A trifecta of Oldominion beat makers get on here to mixed results. Smoke delivers an off kilter and lackluster remix of “The Way It Is.” Why couldn’t you just let that breakdown at two minutes be it? Mr. Hill does his thing on “Invested” to much better results utilizing a great sample and lacing great drums that compliment Sape’s flow perfectly. But why the fade out? There is almost two minutes more of the song on Make More.

Pale Soul is the third and final Oldominion associated producer and he had the honor to tackle what has to be one of the most personal songs Sapient has ever produced. Over what feels like some live drum playing, a subtle bass line and some great synths in the hook adding a great melody to Sapient’s sung chorus we are allowed to hear a love letter to his wife. The honesty and obvious love he has for her is a rare moment in rap and is something more artists should taking a chance with.

While preparing to review this collection of remixes I went back and heard Make More for the first time as well. At this point I’m probably more familiar with this collection of remixes and I’m not mad about that. Many of these remixes are great! A few aren’t so good and then you got the original’s to fall back on. When you play them next to each other it’s a different story. They really are two different albums; one produced by the creator of the rhymes and one with beats crafted to the words. They will both give you different insight into the artist that is Sapient.

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Bonus "My Grind is Tech (Original)" Video

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