Monday, November 30, 2009

Get Californicated

Seattle Hip Hop is staying decked in banging free music and the latest batch of jams you can get your dirty hands on comes courtesy of the SOTA boys. The State of the Artist crew (Parker, Thad & Nate) are on their grind hard these days getting in the lab with a who's who of the town, just stay tuned!

Right now I'm here to talk about this quick little EP they have delivered. Fresh off a trip to sunny CA, specifically LA, SOTA has The 'Hank Moody' EP available now! At only three tracks and less than 10 minutes worth of music I guarantee you that this will be time well spent. Filled with a laid back Cali kinda vibe but still just slightly tinted towards the Northwest's overcast demeanor these tracks will have you nodding your head to 'em and pressing repeat.

The 'Hank Moody' EP works as a perfect bookend to their Shapeshifters mixtape from the summer and shows the growth that has been a continual trend for the SOTA crew. If you are unfamiliar take some time to check the back catalog (Just look to the right on the BandCamp page). Or, better yet come out TONIGHT and catch them LIVE at the Capitol Club for Jet Set (Monday, 11/30) rocking with DJ's 100Proof & Swervewon.

You know you want some dollar Ranier's to assist you in your quest for PLC fame.

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