Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nosaj Thing "Remixes EP"

Nosaj Thing had a big year in 2009. We're not even 2 weeks into 2010 and he already has remixes floating around the net. First he tried his hand on the monster rap cut "Forever." While the original was little more than publicity for Drake, Nosaj Thing's minimal beat compliments the vocals on the hook far better than the original. Add to this a consistent thumping bass kick and, in typical Thing fashion, some spacey synths you can't help but vibe with. His beat is like a contradiction to the verses yet they all sound fresh and when Em comes in for his stellar verse you will probably be asking yourself if this LA kid can get on Relapse 2. Yeah.

The XX had a lot of hype surrounding their debut release and their age. I downloaded the album and struggled to finish it. Don't see it, but that's ok I haven't been on some rock type ish since Kid Rock & Limp Bizkit - obviously I'm not the person to ask when it comes to what classifies good rock. Nosaj gives "Islands" more of his clicky computer driven magic but also takes a song that was relatively up beat and turns it into a creepy journey. Gone is the guitar melody (which I will say is quite catchy) but he adds awesome piano like flourishes to the background along with some nice vocal chops that provide a great breakdown before the end of the song.

The final remix he has dropped upon us is from Charlotte Gainsbourg. I'm not remotely familiar with her music but this song tells me she has a decent voice. Nosaj Thing gives us his most up beat tune with this one. Filled with off kilter synth stabs that feel like how Dilla did his drums and Nosaj's trademark hollow kicks, Charlotte's ghostly vocals fill up the space left vacant by the beat and beg you to listen oh so close.

If you haven't copped Drift I recommend you check it out, it's a journey through another facet of the LA beat scene that is so on point right now. If you are someone who thinks rap and/or Hip Hop are dead right now it's certainly worth your time to check this stuff out. For me it represents Hip Hop production for the modern age.

Download the Nosaj Thing Remixes EP.

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