Sunday, January 10, 2010

TML Radio Vol. 3

A day late and too many dollars short to count - that's the cost when you are sick I suppose. While I didn't take full advantage or my time laid up to dig through the hard drive I still found some gems to bless y'all with this week! As always, thanks for riding with us and drop me a line if you would like to hear something in the mix.

TML Radio 1.9.10
The Last Electro Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble "Cold Nights & Rainy Days"
Burial "Archangel" (Phaseone Remix)
They Live! ft. Thee Satisfaction "Get Your Ass To Mars
Goodie Mob "Cell Therapy"
FlyAmSam "Princess Toadstool"
Freddie Gibbs "Crushin Feelins"
Oddisee "We On To Something"
Kida "10 Rap Commandments (R.I.P. BIG)"
FlyAmSam "Speak To Robots"
BlakRoc ft. Nicole Wray "Why Can't I Forget Him"
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Buffalo Madonna & Champagne Champagne "Kings"
Adam F & Horx ft. Redman "Shut The Lights Off (Remix)"
Outasight "Everyone Gets Laid"
Stik Figa & D/Will "Starched Dickies"
Ka$h ft. Streetz & Young Deuces "Ice Cold"
Dorian Concept "Her Marshmellow Secret"

TML Radio 1.9.10

Watch out for a post revealing details about the reappearance of The Musik Lounge on the airwaves soon!!

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