Monday, March 1, 2010

TML Radio, Special Edition

If you didn't tune into The Musik Lounge this weekend on KSUB you didn't miss me. I was out of town for the celebration of the release of "Magnetic Blackness" on 7 inch vinyl. It was a great show in Bellingham, my first trip to the town and the furthest north I'd ever been. BA Baracus held down the show but we are having some technical problems preventing us from presenting you with Volume 9 of TML Radio.

Not to fear though, earlier in the month DJ Swervewon and I went into to the station to cover someone else's show and we had a blast just playing random tracks. A lot of vinyl was pulled off the shelves and we just took chances on stuff we'd never seen before. Dig it!

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Bumblebee Unlimited "Lady Bug (Remix)"
Radiohead "Reckoner (Flying Lotus Remix)"
Space Dimension Controller "Love Quadrant"
A Bridge Far Away "Killer Bees (Remix)"
Nicolay ft. Wiz Khalifa "What It Used To Be"
Curtie & The Boombox "Chinchilla"
Trick Daddy "I'll Be Your Other Man"
Phat Kat ft. Elzhi "Cold Steel"
Suzi Lane "Oh La La"
Clydie King "You Need Love Like Me"
Willie Hutch "Ode To My Lady"
Delany & Bonnie "Piece of my Heart"
O'Dell Brown "Ducky"
Ramsey Lewis "Tequila Mockingbird"
Sister Power "I Like"
The Moddy Blues "Top Rank Suite"
Alicia Bridges "We Are One"
DJ Pooh "Whoop Whoop"
JT Money "Who Dat"
Bonecrusher & Fat Joe "Make The Crowd Roar"
Neazie Pleazie "Neazie Pleazie"
Wang Chang "Every Big City"
Jay Dee & Q-Tip "That Shit"
Metronomy "Nights Intro"
They Live! "My Weed"
Ayinede Howell "Belly"
Ayinede Howell "We the"

DOWNLOAD TML Radio Special Edition