Friday, April 9, 2010

Mick Boogie "The Changemakers"

Mick Boogie is a pioneer of the current internet mixtape game. Having dropped routinly fresh and consistently filled with new material projects, along with teaming with more artsits then I could list for promo mixtapes to create hype for their respective offical full lengths. Quiet as kept, more times than not, these "street" releases could pass as their album and be far more respected.

For his latest tape he has decided to round up the best of those he has worked with over the years, along with a few suprises to keep you ahead of the curve. Expect a number of usual suspects such as U-N-I, Talib, Outasight, Joe Scudda and Big Pooh. He also calls up the "blog" rap generation in the form of Shawn Chrystopher, Fly Union, Curtain$ and more. Bottom line, heat is here from a number of generations of talent.

Boogie puts Oncue on for the intro and outro cuts, having never heard this dude he exemplifies why this tape is titled The Changemakers and why Mick Boogie can claim that crown - he pays attention years ahead of people, breaking cats that no one is checking for or even aware of. This is what DJ's are suppose to do and anyone trying to make it today needs to take note: trust your ear and take chances on what you believe in.

He doesn't dedicate all his time strictly to finding the hot lyricists, bringing on a huge assortment of beat makers who put in work that demonstrates a wide range of sound styles. The Cataracs team up with Donnis for a drum heavy dance fest that is decidely more club oriented than much of the assumed "underground" sound Boogie and the majority of the artists he works with are painted as.

6th Sense has built a name for himself both in front of and behind the mic and for his jam "The Freshness" he handles the double duty admirably. The track samples Manny Fresh saying his last name, and the beat is definetly something the man would be proud of with it's heavy 808s and minimal other effects it's left open for 6th Sense to demonstrate just how fresh he is with that mouth piece.

This is just the begining. Kardinall Offishall continues to keep his name in the mouths of the American rap scene rapping over a stellar Diabolic beat that chops a classic funk jam beautifully and will have you nodding your head instanlty. Of course Kardi kills it! As mentioned, Hall of Justus is represented on two tracks, Joe Scudda rocks "open For Buisness" and Rapper Pooh does "Get It In" handleing his how it must be done on a track with that name.

Kenn Starr pops up still sounding as smooth as he did on those old Halftooth comps. If you haven't been watching the dude Shawn Chrystopher get hip by checking out either of his last two projects, they are both availible for free! U-N-I is rapidly proving to be one of the most consistent groups out, "Chillin" might just be the best cut on the tape.

The Changemakers is nothing new for anyone who follows Mick Boogie. He did a lot to create the formula for these free mixtape/albums and when he puts one together he doesn't sluff on any aspect of the overall product and because of that you will be rapping the lyrics, dancing your ass off, nodding your head to the smooth beat or some combination of the three for the duration of this album.

Download The Changemakers here.

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