Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Bandcamp: Bodega Man

If you haven't gotten onto Bandcamp and just perused the mass amounts of FREE music readily available on their network you really should. Routinely finding multiple new artists or projects throughout the week on Bandcamp, it's been in my head for awhile to feature some of these finds here. Perhaps this will become a new Sunday trend.

Bodega Man is someone I plan to feature more on the site in the future but I couldn't sit on his album any longer, The Jazz Album: Recession Thinking, it must be heard. I'll let him break it down:
The concept of this album was the reflection of the average 9-5er American worker who struggled daily thru this recession. It was also for the people at the bottom of Americas pyramid. I wanted to put the peoples pain in each song from the ghettos of America, middle class America, and I myself who struggles every single day.
Needless to say he is tackling some topics very few are addressing with their music these days and it's refreshing. The production is handled strictly by A.T. who Bodega Man swears by and claims he has some spits too. The beats here are on point, as the name implies they have a definite Jazz influence which I'm not mad at.

Bodega Man grew up in the same area of Los Angeles that Snoop Dogg made a name for almost two decades ago. I'm sure that time has changed the neighborhood but it looks like the music has remained an inspiration and escape. He is doing this all on his own, DIY style, check out the tape and give him another download - it's free, and hard drive space isn't all that rare. Perhaps it will even surprise you, it did me.