Thursday, May 6, 2010

Live from the Depths... A TML update

Just when I was getting into the swing of things and running this blog how things are meant to be run, I up and disappear. To my readers, apologies. Life has been a roller coster ride since last October upon my return to Seattle. Thankfully things are shapping up well and by the time the rain stops and we enter Summer proper I hope to have a permanent address and a work schedule closer to full time.

Be that as it may - I'm still couch surfing, playing what clothes can I dig out of my trunk each morning so as to not look like a total bum. I've scored a second job in Magnolia working on the water at the nicest resturant I've ever been a part of and until June 13th I will still be whoring myself to the benefactor of my diploma. Alumi status = coffee making... SMH.

What does this mean for you? The incredibly unproductive last month might just extend for a bit longer. Windows 7 is now installed on MC and my internet is working once again, expect to see drops here and there but until I'm 24 I probably won't be on it as you have come to expect. Just a heads up and I hope you can hold out for me.

A lot of music has dropped lately, if you haven't been looking for it then scroll through the rest of this post and grab what you think might be hot - some of these tapes may get some more serious thoughts, we shall see where the mind takes me. Cosmogramma is out and needs to be bought by all. Wiz is coming to town in 10 days and if you are in Seattle the only rain clouds you will be seeing for the duration will be blunt smoke.

I've never been huge on Jeezy. But as he has aged he has matured into a semi serious southern (t)Rapper that has found a great balance between typical D Boy talk and using his knowledge to analyze the downfalls of the street life like only one who lived it, knows it can. His ear for beats is as keen as always and with it being a Don Cannon affair you know some of these tracks are his. Drops are still present, couldn't learn his lesson from the Currensy tape... Cop it. (Link courtesy of Ear Milk)

Haven't had time to play this even one time through but it's the professor emeritus of this Hip Hop shit. It's a safe bet if Face hadn't done what he did Jeezy, and almost every other Southern rapper you idolize, wouldn't be out here doing what they are. If you know you are already getting it, if you don't what are waiting for? This is history right here! Download the first mixtape from Scarface. (Link courtesy of Def Sounds)

Damn I'm sluffing on my listening these days! Working 12 hours daily will do that I suppose. If only I could get the smooth jazz out of the system at work and slide this in. Ha! I do suppose if one rapper could infiltrate the fine dinning experience it would be Theophilus London. Still one of my fav shows of last year and the first I hit while living in PDX last summer, the 10K Hamburger Tour with A-Trak upped Mr. L's profile significantly and got him in the lab with those he needed. I have no doubts that this tape is gonna be a beautiful journey in sounds and styles, continuing to demonstrate his knack for flipping rap in ways no one has ever expected. If you didn't read it in the past, peep my interview with the man who I ran into strolling the streets of Bridgetown last July and download his tape, I Want You. (Link Courtesy of the Smoking Section)

I'm not a Pac Div rider. They have many. I'm posting this due to that hype and the fact that my lack of support for them is more due to my own ignorance than anything wack they have released. Last years Church League Champions had people (my room mate included) going nuts and screaming they had next. Swiff D put out a solid beat disc since then that I've heard more of than anything with vocals. To be honest Champions never interested me, but from the jump this looks exciting. The cover is clean and subtlety brings to mind a certain debut from a legend. Plus their is a song called "Don't Forget The Swishers" and anyone who knows me knows I don't forget those. So maybe we are both in for a surprise or maybe I'll finally throw my hands up lost as to why these three are popping. I think it will all make sense after I myself download the tape, you should too. (Link Courtesy of Ill Roots)

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