Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wiz Khalifa "Flight School" (2009)

It's only proper to have something rolled up when listening to Flight School, front to back the best project Wiz Khalifa has dropped in his career. Kush and Orange Juice is hot, I'll get to it, but this is his shining moment in my ears. Having listened to Star Power finally it makes perfect sense as a follow up, capitolizing on every dope aspect of that tape and simeltaneously dismissing all the weak ideas that were probably dead before he really tried them. What you get is an awesome project I've already declared as one of the best - I can always give my thoughts on a tremendous record though.

The production here is awesome. He grabs a few beats, Santogold's "Starstruck" and a Pharcyde classic which he nimbly rides perfectly. His flow is on full demonstration here and he never disappoints. It's an awesome listening experience as he selects such a diverse array of backdrops to rip it's just fun to hear him always execute with ease.

He doesn't spit anything mind blowing, but it's always clever, often bragadocious and always cocky. Sometimes he drops into a slightly more introspective mood and it's usually to good results. On "Material" he is completely honest about what he is after, he wants his name known and he is chasing success.
"They say we too material but money make the world go round."
It's hard to say that my consumption of herbal greenery has nothing to do with my liking for Wiz Khalifa. He has never hidden his affinty for the chronic but it has been a steady growth of how much he dedicates to the topic. Here it's pretty prevalent but still see moments when it's forgotten. Of course the trade mark weed song is here, this time straight jacking an old reggae tune and spitting over it after letting the old guy sing for some time.

He dedicates maybe a little too much energy to shouting out clothing companies and designer labels but that was hot for a moment and he certainly has no fear at jumping onto trends. He is savy enough to roll it into his own image, not looking like a joke but like someone who has been riding for street wear from the begining. Perhaps he has, it wasn't really prevalent in the tapes I've reviewed up to now.

Kev The Hustler is here and while at first I wasn't feeling it, it's grown on me. The beat knocks and they concoct some very creative lines referencing money and how much of it they have - silly in the end but done well. Success! And when backed with a song as inspiring as "Never Ever" you can't be made. The kid works hard and has paid more dues than many of these cats gracing covers today, his shine will come and burn longer due to it.

Flight School is great. I can't encourage you to listen to it enough. The beats are all stellar and will make you want to move. The introspective moments are heavy and entirley to the point about struggles everyone enjoys. The cocky confidence swagger is only enboldend thanks to this realism. Roll a pack of sweets up and listen to Wiz.

Download Flight School here.

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