Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wiz Khalifa "Kush & Orange Juice" (2009)

It's finally time. Kush & Orange Juice. It's been out here, cats are listening to it. Wiz performed practically the entire tape this past weekend. The show left a bad taste in my mouth, but that isn't anything new when it comes to acts I dig on. The crowd was eating it up and the venue was packed out. Can't be mad at all of that. Still curious about what all the hype is for? Download this tape and spark something up, the picture will get clearer the hazier the room is.

If I've come to one conclusion in my time reviewing all his projects it's that while he probably can get deep, it's not in his repetroie at the moment. This also coincides with my feeling that Wiz is an artist to watch. I see a vision behind what he is doing and am incredibly excited to see where he takes it. He has a lot of potential and as he grows I think his music will too.

We aren't their yet though. He is still a 22 year old kid having fun, enjoying life and the perks of his career choice. Rollin doobies, drinking champagne, stealing your ladies and flying around the world to rock shows or record raps. Pretty good life. This is the world you will be privy to while listening to Kush & OJ. If you are in the mood to celebrate life, have a good time, and get highed up this is the perfect soundtrack.

Beatwise things are a little more mellow. A few tracks have a heavy west coast, summertime kicking it vibe even seeing Wiz channel his inner Quik on the flows. The electronic influence in his beats from the past is almost entirely absent, replaced by soulful and funky samples.

What made me a fan of this kid (aside from our avid inhilation of greenery) was his flow. I've mentioned it throughout these reviews but it's inescapable, it's his best skill and he utilzies it to the fullest. None of the lyrics here capture any depth to life, if you need some substance stay away.

He has played around with sing song type flows before, here he dedicates whole songs to it. "Up" is all about getting high and with it's drumless beat and spacey synths in effect it really does come across like you floating on cloud in audio form. I've heard many laugh when this song comes on, it's pretty silly but I can't stop playing it.

The same goes for this tape in general. I took a break from all things Wiz after the show, but I knew this needed to get up. If you have ever enjoyed Wiz or wondered what all the hype was for this is what you should get. It's good, prior to Saturday I would of said it was great. Bad shows and high expectations will do that to your favorite music. Keep one rolled while playing this.

Download Kush & Orange Juice here.

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