Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Bandcamp: Bodega Man

If you haven't gotten onto Bandcamp and just perused the mass amounts of FREE music readily available on their network you really should. Routinely finding multiple new artists or projects throughout the week on Bandcamp, it's been in my head for awhile to feature some of these finds here. Perhaps this will become a new Sunday trend.

Bodega Man is someone I plan to feature more on the site in the future but I couldn't sit on his album any longer, The Jazz Album: Recession Thinking, it must be heard. I'll let him break it down:
The concept of this album was the reflection of the average 9-5er American worker who struggled daily thru this recession. It was also for the people at the bottom of Americas pyramid. I wanted to put the peoples pain in each song from the ghettos of America, middle class America, and I myself who struggles every single day.
Needless to say he is tackling some topics very few are addressing with their music these days and it's refreshing. The production is handled strictly by A.T. who Bodega Man swears by and claims he has some spits too. The beats here are on point, as the name implies they have a definite Jazz influence which I'm not mad at.

Bodega Man grew up in the same area of Los Angeles that Snoop Dogg made a name for almost two decades ago. I'm sure that time has changed the neighborhood but it looks like the music has remained an inspiration and escape. He is doing this all on his own, DIY style, check out the tape and give him another download - it's free, and hard drive space isn't all that rare. Perhaps it will even surprise you, it did me.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mick Boogie "The Changemakers"

Mick Boogie is a pioneer of the current internet mixtape game. Having dropped routinly fresh and consistently filled with new material projects, along with teaming with more artsits then I could list for promo mixtapes to create hype for their respective offical full lengths. Quiet as kept, more times than not, these "street" releases could pass as their album and be far more respected.

For his latest tape he has decided to round up the best of those he has worked with over the years, along with a few suprises to keep you ahead of the curve. Expect a number of usual suspects such as U-N-I, Talib, Outasight, Joe Scudda and Big Pooh. He also calls up the "blog" rap generation in the form of Shawn Chrystopher, Fly Union, Curtain$ and more. Bottom line, heat is here from a number of generations of talent.

Boogie puts Oncue on for the intro and outro cuts, having never heard this dude he exemplifies why this tape is titled The Changemakers and why Mick Boogie can claim that crown - he pays attention years ahead of people, breaking cats that no one is checking for or even aware of. This is what DJ's are suppose to do and anyone trying to make it today needs to take note: trust your ear and take chances on what you believe in.

He doesn't dedicate all his time strictly to finding the hot lyricists, bringing on a huge assortment of beat makers who put in work that demonstrates a wide range of sound styles. The Cataracs team up with Donnis for a drum heavy dance fest that is decidely more club oriented than much of the assumed "underground" sound Boogie and the majority of the artists he works with are painted as.

6th Sense has built a name for himself both in front of and behind the mic and for his jam "The Freshness" he handles the double duty admirably. The track samples Manny Fresh saying his last name, and the beat is definetly something the man would be proud of with it's heavy 808s and minimal other effects it's left open for 6th Sense to demonstrate just how fresh he is with that mouth piece.

This is just the begining. Kardinall Offishall continues to keep his name in the mouths of the American rap scene rapping over a stellar Diabolic beat that chops a classic funk jam beautifully and will have you nodding your head instanlty. Of course Kardi kills it! As mentioned, Hall of Justus is represented on two tracks, Joe Scudda rocks "open For Buisness" and Rapper Pooh does "Get It In" handleing his how it must be done on a track with that name.

Kenn Starr pops up still sounding as smooth as he did on those old Halftooth comps. If you haven't been watching the dude Shawn Chrystopher get hip by checking out either of his last two projects, they are both availible for free! U-N-I is rapidly proving to be one of the most consistent groups out, "Chillin" might just be the best cut on the tape.

The Changemakers is nothing new for anyone who follows Mick Boogie. He did a lot to create the formula for these free mixtape/albums and when he puts one together he doesn't sluff on any aspect of the overall product and because of that you will be rapping the lyrics, dancing your ass off, nodding your head to the smooth beat or some combination of the three for the duration of this album.

Download The Changemakers here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Joy Orbison x "Money To Blow"

Enjoy this remix from DJ Dials reworking parts of the Euro club anthem of last summer "Hyph Mngo" from Joy Orbison and placing the Cash Money crew's A Capella over it. Download it here.

If you didn't hear Hollis cover "Money To Blow" last week, watch it now.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

TML Radio Vol. 11

It's been a hot minute after a little break from being on the air things got sorted out and we are back on! This week I invited my friend and fellow SU alum Rob LaGatta in to kick back and drop some tunes. We basicaly went back and forth playing a wide variety of cuts. Peruse the tracklist and download TML Radio Vol. 11 here!

TML Radio Vol. 11 (4.3.10)
Examples of Twelve "Pt. 2 The Madness? I"
Wheedle's Groove "Baby Back"
Aleke Kanonu "N'Gwode"
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings "Window Shoping"
Why?Arcka "Out of School"
Why?Arcka "Come Teach"
Why?Arcka "GSH J Dilla Interlude"
Why?Arcka "We Be Burnin' It Up"
Impressions "Long Long Winter"
Hudson Mohawke ft. Dam Funk "Allhot"
Edie Hazel "California Dreamin"
Sapient "Make More (Budo Remix)"
The Final Solution "Never Coming Back Again"
OC Notes ft. Cat Satisfaction "On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
Roy Merriwether Trio "St. James INfirmary"
Ralph Thomas "Big Spliff"
Joe Davis "A New Day (Is Here At Last)"
Joe Davis "Circleville"
Randy Weston "Zulu"
Ike Turner "The Things I Used To Do"
Coultrain "Self Pity"
Juice "Curiosity"
Oddisee "The Musik Lounge"
Tap Orchestra "Don't Stop Dancing"
Erykah Badu "Love"
Tidjani Kone & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo "Djanfa Magni"
Flying Lotus ft. Thom Yorke "...And The World Laughts With You"
Flying Lotus "Arkestry"

Download TML Radio Vol. 11 here!

Friday, April 2, 2010

March Heatrocks, Vol. 2

The March Heatrocks have been broken into two volumes, get the first here!

Download March Heatrocks: Vol. 2 here

Kicking off this volume of the March Heatrocks is Starlito, formerly known as All Star, which I previously blogged about here. Renaissance Gangster is fresh and "Weed Smoker Music" is as good a description of his genre as anything else. The song is pretty self explainatory, he captures a mood well.

"Straight A student might focus to it/Just don't defocus to it"

Changing it up but keeping it on track I was struck by this Don Cherry and Brent Roesenberg tune "In A Geodetic Dome." The song is basically a four minute long trumpet solo. There are repetitive hits on a gong very quietly in the background, an perhaps a few other equally quiet sounds. The point here is the trumpet, and a beautiful piece of playing it is. Slow and melancholy it's also reflective.

Boom Bap Project haven't been active in some time but five years ago they dropped an album on Rhymesayers that may go slightly under the radar. The title track is just one example of how dope the album can be. Over a beautiful beat of chopped guitar stabs, dusty drums and Choklate on the hook this song is amazing! I can't say that either of the emcees in Boom Bap ever struck me as anything special but they get theirs here. I look forward to getting my vinyl collection back up here so I can give this a listen front to back again.

I've never really listened to much Jefferson Airplane, might have to break out a couple of those joints from the parents part of my collection after hearing this remix of their song "White Rabbit." Having never heard the orignial it is hard to judge what was done here. I'm assuming the vocals are from the JA song, but musically most of this sounds more electronic. Perhaps there is some heavy chopping and sampling going on? I shall learn more. Regardless this is an epic burner that if you give the time will grow into a monsterous jam.

Seattle's party boys Mad Rad are steadily making moves and working on achieving their goal to be the first band on the moon - no joke, don't put it past em. In line with many of the tunes found on this months heatrocks "Get It Good" came on during shuffle play and I was hooked. It's a stellar slower jam by the guys talking about the sheer fun of sex. If you agree with the sentiment what's not to like? A funky beat is in place you already know, so put aside the hate and enjoy life a little.

Since I'm reminiscing about vinyl, Deodato was my first purchase of wax on the suggestion of a producer who said it had some great sounds he'd used on a couple of his beats. That was his Prelude album. "Space Dust Sherlock" is the only song from the Knights of Fantasy record I've heard so far but my man 100Proof has been saying its his favorite album by the man. Some synthy disco funk you can't help but groove to.

Grynch is the Seattle emcee who everyone has to be rooting for. This guy makes great music, is down to earth and always supports. He makes his moves and doesn't let it go to his head. "Time" is a great song about remembering the past and looking forward in hope. He conveys the spirit of being positive and moving on. At the same time you hear the disapointment in his voice when he mentions Ken's market being no more.

"Time ain't waiting for no one, wether you are old or young you gotta make the most of yours."

Terry Callier was first introduced to me via Gilles Peterson. Then I read an article in Wax Poetics about him. One of the KSUB DJs had a record, perhaps the one this song is from, by him that he swore by. The man has some serious mystic going. "I'm A Drifter" is just him and his guitar, singing his song, telling his story. His voice is clean and smooth, it feels kind of deep but he has some range and demonstrates it throughout this song. This is the kind of thing you really probably needed to see live, I'm sure it would send shivers down my spine. There is something inately powerful in simplicity.

D'Angelo and Primo is a match that I didn't know had been done more than once. The fact that this song features AZ is only icing on top. "Lady (Just the Beat Mix)" is thumping and exactly that, just a beat. The reverberations of the drum hits play out adding some subtlties to the mix and D'Angelo harmonizes of course. I've always been an AZ fan, and how could you not be with that flow and word play to match. I can't do it justice, just get it.

Sam Taylor Jr. is a name I don't know, but this 1969 tune "Tunnels of My Mind" from the album of the same name is a bluesy jam I don't think you couldn't not feel. Over a terrific guitar picking melody and some organ vamps that build into a whole lot more he howls away about the ills of the human race and trying to find a better way. The drums come and go but when they drop it gets pretty gritty. This is that real dirty south music.

I remember buying The Professional Pt. 2 the day it dropped and being most excited for this track but I had to listen to it front to back first. Well not much on the album was worth the time but this song was totally worth the wait. Meth, Em and Royce attacking the mic, flowing their asses off. I wonder if there is an untagged version some where?

If you believe the hype, Ya Boy is yet another potential West coast talent to draw the tides back to the left. I'm not sure that he will do all that but this song goes! Just a party jam, not for the innocent.

Thanks for riding with me for this extended edition of the heatrocks! Get Vol. 2 here.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Heatrocks, Vol. 1

I'm making it a priority to get the heatrocks posted in the first week of the new month from here on out. This month was a slow one on the new music front, at one point I was convinced this was gonna be a short collection. Shuffle knew better though, hitting me with a number of gems that I just had to add to the mix. In the end I had enough to make this the first "double disc" heatrocks edition. Keep reading for what Vol. 1 holds and tune in tomorrow for Vol. 2!

Download March 2010: Vol. 1 Here

I have a folder of Jazz releases from '08 that a particular blog dubbed "best of" and of the handful that I've listened to they live up to the title. Quiet Village was among that collection and while the album has never gotten a full length play from me cuts come into my mind frame from time to time. "Too High To Move" is a great example of a smooth and melodic track letting you ride along with it. Don't be afraid by it's long nature, a trumpet comes in and the piano line keeps it exciting.

While Macklemore is basking in the glory that is his triumphant return to the spotlight after a several year disappearence that we have since learned was due to over indulgence. Mack's issue's with drugs have been the focal point of his current popularity but anyone who has listened to the unparalleled Language of My World knows that it's nothing new for the man. On this quasi title track from that album you witness him dropping bars like only he can. Just listen.

"You only get one shot at life no ad libs or punch ins."

While I was a resident of the Tree Grove last year music was a regular topic of conversation between me and the homies. At one point the discussion turned to Reggae and my room mate said that the music was too boring and repetitve, he had no interest in listening to any of it. It is true that much of Reggae is based on riddims and these don't really change. But I think that is the point. Listening to "Love of the Jah Jah Children" with it's looping guitar chords and drum break you feel comfortable, like the feeling right as you are about to drift off to sleep. It's peace. So maybe the music isn't constantly abrasive, feel what it IS.

I've read who Tony Williams is in relation to Kanye but I don't remember as I write this and all that really matters is that he took "Nightmares" and turned it into something awesome. Sounding nothing like the original (aside from having the same lyrics obviously) Williams voice has an element of pain in it wich only contributes to the feeling evoked by the lyrics. Covers are a strange game in music and doing a modern song, I would say, is generally not worthwhile. Yet, finding an original way to flip something is always worth the energy. Good work.

The man who, apparently, some still think is a flower that defies gravity has been steadily making monsterous tracks out of his LA beat cave for some time. Listening to these tracks I want to just imagine FlyLo as some primordial god who conjures up these tunes from the cosmos. They are that heavy. That dope. "Grapscicles" is funky and hard thanks to Samiyam's stellar, choppy remix that really just adds to the potential hype we all are holding for a possible FlyAmSam album.

I really like Wayne's arrogance at the begining of his take on "Art of Storytelling Pt. 3." To state "This is just a mixtape" only goes in hand with his "I don't give a fuck" attitude. He sings, poorly, about killers being with him and how afraid we should be of him. Lyrically maybe. This was one of only a handful of tracks from the underwhelming Dedication 3, in fact this is the only song from that tape I remember. Gudda and Mack Maine both sound good, whoever it is coming in around the 2:30 minute mark has some serious bars, quoting scripture and complaining about bitter heads, it's great and Wayne's confidence is carried by his weed men.

If you haven't gotten that Helladope album, do that! "Turn You On" featuring Young TH, Tay Sean, The Good Sin and Jus Moni encapsulates that sound which has been eminating from the Cloud Nice headquartes. Jus Moni get's her Drake on holding down the hook, spitting some bars and finishing her verse out in song. She has a great voice and her flow wasn't half bad. I'm trying to hear more from all involved.

Snoop finally passes the crown (well maybe not quite but it might as well count - no one is ever really taking it from the dog father) and just in time for that XXL freshamn cover Nippsy Hussle gets the validation of having done a track with the man who put the blue on the map. Kurupt is along for the ride as well and this is an all west coast affair. The beat is classic riding music, they trade bars off, Snoop sounds revitalized and you got the makings of a west coast jam for the ages.

Keeping the Cali vibe rocking I couldn't let this Rusko monster slip away. It's apparently getting some serious spins on the radio down there and rightly so with its reinterpretation of the Zapp sample Dre and 2Pac made famous so long ago it is primed to blow heads. Rusko walks the line of "dubstep" and pop music well showing that the two can mix and merge into something fun and exciting for everyone to enjoy. Let the sound of the future develop. It's coming for your ears, will they be ready?

St. Louis has Nelly. Ouch. They also have Black Spade and Coultrain. Those two names alone make me want to look deeper. Unfortunately it's not always the easiest task to discover music from a town you don't reside in if that music isn't recieving the proper push, which is the case for almost any music release these days. That said, I've found Train and he is great. Singing from his heart he has a great voice, cleaner than say a Bilal but rawer than Usher, he carries the album over a wide array of soulful and electronic tinged audio canvases for you to nod to, or maybe pull up to a lady and get your bump and grind on.

Keeping the soul alive, Lonnie Liston Smith makes an appearance with a song I hope every woman has a man to play for them one day. "Beautiful Woman" is a beautiful tune filled with Smith's typically bright piano playing along with lyrics that describe the beauty that women exude. I'm not sure who is on drums for this album or track but they are fast paced and live. The full band is in effect hearing bits from everyone over the course of the songs seven minutes. Towards the halfway mark a great piano solo comes in, not worth missing.

After three albums Kidz in the Hall have finally impressed. The first album was cool, too much remaking of classic beats. Don't flip a sample the same way it's been done. There is a name for that, it's biting. The second album I don't even want to acknowledge. It was bad and I was the only one who thought so. Take that for whatever it's worth. But now they are onto Land of Make Believe and while the title track leaves me scratching my head, the project in its entirety is comprehensive and good. I will be putting it on again. "Bougie Girls" is included a lot for Russoul on the hook, he sounds good and compliments the beat. Nawledge breaks down the girls just how you know they are.

I had a conversation recntly with a girl who didn't know if she was into having her hair pulled. Girl, let's find out! And Chris P's beat tape can be the soundtrack. With a title like Smack Your Ass, Pull Your Hair I would expect some four on the floor up tempo, party hard electro jams. Included here is "Highest" about as far from that as can be. A slow drum sample with an organ laced over top of it and some vocals dropped in for a chilling effect, this is something you just gotta marinate on.

Download March 2010: Vol. 1 Here