Friday, April 2, 2010

March Heatrocks, Vol. 2

The March Heatrocks have been broken into two volumes, get the first here!

Download March Heatrocks: Vol. 2 here

Kicking off this volume of the March Heatrocks is Starlito, formerly known as All Star, which I previously blogged about here. Renaissance Gangster is fresh and "Weed Smoker Music" is as good a description of his genre as anything else. The song is pretty self explainatory, he captures a mood well.

"Straight A student might focus to it/Just don't defocus to it"

Changing it up but keeping it on track I was struck by this Don Cherry and Brent Roesenberg tune "In A Geodetic Dome." The song is basically a four minute long trumpet solo. There are repetitive hits on a gong very quietly in the background, an perhaps a few other equally quiet sounds. The point here is the trumpet, and a beautiful piece of playing it is. Slow and melancholy it's also reflective.

Boom Bap Project haven't been active in some time but five years ago they dropped an album on Rhymesayers that may go slightly under the radar. The title track is just one example of how dope the album can be. Over a beautiful beat of chopped guitar stabs, dusty drums and Choklate on the hook this song is amazing! I can't say that either of the emcees in Boom Bap ever struck me as anything special but they get theirs here. I look forward to getting my vinyl collection back up here so I can give this a listen front to back again.

I've never really listened to much Jefferson Airplane, might have to break out a couple of those joints from the parents part of my collection after hearing this remix of their song "White Rabbit." Having never heard the orignial it is hard to judge what was done here. I'm assuming the vocals are from the JA song, but musically most of this sounds more electronic. Perhaps there is some heavy chopping and sampling going on? I shall learn more. Regardless this is an epic burner that if you give the time will grow into a monsterous jam.

Seattle's party boys Mad Rad are steadily making moves and working on achieving their goal to be the first band on the moon - no joke, don't put it past em. In line with many of the tunes found on this months heatrocks "Get It Good" came on during shuffle play and I was hooked. It's a stellar slower jam by the guys talking about the sheer fun of sex. If you agree with the sentiment what's not to like? A funky beat is in place you already know, so put aside the hate and enjoy life a little.

Since I'm reminiscing about vinyl, Deodato was my first purchase of wax on the suggestion of a producer who said it had some great sounds he'd used on a couple of his beats. That was his Prelude album. "Space Dust Sherlock" is the only song from the Knights of Fantasy record I've heard so far but my man 100Proof has been saying its his favorite album by the man. Some synthy disco funk you can't help but groove to.

Grynch is the Seattle emcee who everyone has to be rooting for. This guy makes great music, is down to earth and always supports. He makes his moves and doesn't let it go to his head. "Time" is a great song about remembering the past and looking forward in hope. He conveys the spirit of being positive and moving on. At the same time you hear the disapointment in his voice when he mentions Ken's market being no more.

"Time ain't waiting for no one, wether you are old or young you gotta make the most of yours."

Terry Callier was first introduced to me via Gilles Peterson. Then I read an article in Wax Poetics about him. One of the KSUB DJs had a record, perhaps the one this song is from, by him that he swore by. The man has some serious mystic going. "I'm A Drifter" is just him and his guitar, singing his song, telling his story. His voice is clean and smooth, it feels kind of deep but he has some range and demonstrates it throughout this song. This is the kind of thing you really probably needed to see live, I'm sure it would send shivers down my spine. There is something inately powerful in simplicity.

D'Angelo and Primo is a match that I didn't know had been done more than once. The fact that this song features AZ is only icing on top. "Lady (Just the Beat Mix)" is thumping and exactly that, just a beat. The reverberations of the drum hits play out adding some subtlties to the mix and D'Angelo harmonizes of course. I've always been an AZ fan, and how could you not be with that flow and word play to match. I can't do it justice, just get it.

Sam Taylor Jr. is a name I don't know, but this 1969 tune "Tunnels of My Mind" from the album of the same name is a bluesy jam I don't think you couldn't not feel. Over a terrific guitar picking melody and some organ vamps that build into a whole lot more he howls away about the ills of the human race and trying to find a better way. The drums come and go but when they drop it gets pretty gritty. This is that real dirty south music.

I remember buying The Professional Pt. 2 the day it dropped and being most excited for this track but I had to listen to it front to back first. Well not much on the album was worth the time but this song was totally worth the wait. Meth, Em and Royce attacking the mic, flowing their asses off. I wonder if there is an untagged version some where?

If you believe the hype, Ya Boy is yet another potential West coast talent to draw the tides back to the left. I'm not sure that he will do all that but this song goes! Just a party jam, not for the innocent.

Thanks for riding with me for this extended edition of the heatrocks! Get Vol. 2 here.