Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wiz Khalifa "Burn After Rolling" (2009)

I had some false impressions of Burn After Rolling that had me hating on a tape that is actually quite good, certainly a worthy follow up to the excellent Flight School he had dropped several months prior to this. In '09 he also released his record with Currensy and his full length dropped a few weeks after B.A.R. - it serves as a great representation of Wiz and certainly was a great marketing tool for Deal or No Deal.

All this work and he doesn't even begin to sound tired. Here he rocks over a lot of jacked beats. "Say U Will" brought it out of people last year and Wiz was one of many who dropped some deeply introspective lines over Kanye's masterpiece. He rocks over "Mafia Music" and "Best I Ever Had" as well - I certainly could be missing some others, I'm not sure of the origin of many of these tunes.

Regardless of where they came from, Wiz owns them all. He is simultaneously at his funniest and most serious throughout the tape. While more of it is his typical playful self, he is demonstrating some diversification which is nice to hear. He seems to be tired of haters as he address those who think he hasn't earned his spot multiple times. Of course the ladies are always a topic of discussion for Wiz; that probably won't ever change.

He raps about taking other dude's women on the aptly named "Take Yo Bitch," tells tales of good times with "On The Pill" and for his reworking of Drake's hit turns in "Ode to Naked Pop Stars" paying tribute to the rash of ladies who decided to let flicks of themselves leak online.

While Star Power overdid the auto-tune and Flight School utilized it startalingly well via small doses, here its only around for one track, the self depricating "If I Were A Lame" is awesome (thanks to it's over the top nature) and calls close attention to more than a few people's probelm in this Hip Hop shit.

Burn After Rolling is definetly more of a mixtape than the last few projects he has released which makes the annoying drops and occasional rewind that much more intolerable. Wiz you give us damn near full length free albums - why you gotta have a DJ talk all over your jams? Despite this minor annoyance
this is another great offering from the young kid who builds everyday all day with no sign of slowing down.

Download Burn After Rolling here.

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